Viveau Lightly Sparkling Mineral Water - Tart Cherry, 4x250ml

Tart Cherry

Move aside cherry flavoured wannabes. We don’t need you when we they the real thing. Viveau cherries are picked at their peak for a full-bodied beverage that’s mildly tart and exceptionally hydrating.

Since day one, Viveau has stood with the real food movement. That’s why their fruit comes from the earth, not the lab. And of course, they work with local farmers ethically and sustainably to source, grow, and pick their fruit.

The way we see it, it’s only good if it’s good enough for our family and friends. 

The Viveau 3-Step Drinking Ritual

1. Chill a bit.

Because Viveau is best served when it’s cold (or when you’re chilling out after a hard day’s night or day).

2. Shake a little.

Because we only use whole-pressed Canadian fruit, tiny fruit fibers will settle at the bottom of your bottle or can. So you should “stir things up” for an even better taste.

3. Enjoy a lot.

Because we love the taste of Viveau and we think you will, too!

VIVEAU is the first sparkling beverage in North America to earn Clean Label Project™ Certification. Through a focus on heavy metals, pesticide residues, and plasticizers linked to cancers and infertility, the Clean Label Project™ works to bring truth and transparency to food and consumer product labeling, awarding brands with products that place an emphasized focus on purity 

Not only is this superfood rich in flavonoids and potassium, but its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have also been seen to aid in exercise recovery and muscle soreness after exercise.

Ingredients: Non-alcoholic cherry cider, non-alcoholic apple cider, carbonated natural mineral water

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