Rawcology is a Canadian brand you can get behind

If you haven’t heard of Rawcology, you need to check them out ASAP! They’re a Toronto-based business that’s on a mission to create revolutionary organic and nutritious plant-powered foods that can be enjoyed by anyone. They make granola, coconut chips, and oat clusters (all of which can be found on Rise Market). Worried about your allergies? Don’t be - their products are free from the top 11 allergens.

Rawcology was one of the first brands we brought on at Rise Market as our missions are so closely aligned. We’re both focused on making healthy food more accessible so carrying Rawcology was a no-brainer for us. Not only are their products tasty and healthy, but their team is top notch. I sat down with Rawcology’s fearless leader, Tara Tomulka, for an IG Live to hear about her founding journey. She also took me through an unreal (and simple!) recipe to make Chocolate Banana Squares.

Rawcology Products

Rawcology Organic Blueberry with Acai Granola, 200g
Rawcology Organic Chocolate with Raw Cacao Granola, 200g

Rawcology's Founding Story

Before starting Rawcology, Tara worked in Corporate Communications but just wasn’t happy with what she was doing. She wasn’t exactly sure of the next step she wanted to take in her career but she knew she wanted to get into something that involved healthy food. She started small and took cooking classes at George Brown College and some other nutrition courses. In 2015, Rawcology began as Tara’s blog, where she shared healthy eating tips and ran cooking workshops. Around the same time she went back to school for holistic nutrition and noticed a massive gap in the packaged foods space all the granola’s available were high in sugar, filled with cheap ingredients, and overall didn’t make you feel great. This realization is what set Tara off on her journey to create healthy, better-for-you packaged products.

Rawcology Values

Rawcology is focused on maintaining its original mission of making plant-powered foods that can be enjoyed by anyone. They’re extremely focused on considering dietary restrictions and keeping their products free of major allergens. They also care deeply about not having any added preservatives or flavouring. They want to empower people in their wellness journey to live happy and healthy lives, eat more plants, and have a holistic approach to wellness.

Tara's Health & Wellness Philosophy

Tara isn’t dogmatic about her approach to health and wellness. She has a few key elements that she incorporates into her diet and lifestyle but overall Tara’s focused on balance and not being too hard on herself. From a healthy eating perspective, she focuses on getting a variety of plants into her diet and getting the ‘fab four’ into each meal (healthy fats, fibre, protein, and some greens). All that said, she is forgiving and flexible with what she eats and is definitely not a calorie-counter. She believes that wellness is so much more than the food that we eat - it’s important to carve out time for herself in the morning and relax before the day really gets started. A great morning sets the tone for the day ahead. For Tara, balance is the name of the game - she looks to move regularly, eat a healthy and balanced diet, and give herself rest and relaxation when she needs it!

Rawcology is just one of the amazing Canadian brands that we carry at Rise Market! Ontario residents can sign up with us for $5/month to get access to healthy products at wholesale pricing.