Introducing Your New Medicine Cabinet

Traditional over-the-counter remedies are loaded with artificial ingredients that produce nasty side effects.


Yet there has been minimal disruption to the status quo for many years until the arrival of new, innovative startups like Beekeeper’s Naturals—a proudly Canadian company.


Founded in 2014, the Toronto-based brand prides itself on its mission to reinvent the medicine cabinet and save the bee population while they’re at it. Two bees with one stone (sorry, we had to 🤷)

What’s All The Buzz About?

Without bees, our global food system will collapse. As the world’s most important pollinators we rely on our furry friends to support every aspect of the ecosystem. Without them, our gardens and plates would be bare. Both animals and humans have harvested honey for its incredible sweet taste and natural health benefits.


Its taste also packs powerful health treatments ranging from eye diseases, throat infections, dizziness/brain fog and much more.


Bees may be tiny, but they are mighty

  • Insect pollination makes ​35% of our global food production​ possible​.
    We’d lose apples, almonds, cucumbers, blueberries, broccoli, cauliflower, and more if the bees disappear.
  • Imagine a world where most people can’t afford coffee and chocolate...
    If we lose the bees, even crops that don’t fully rely on bee pollination could become prohibitively expensive (due to reduced yield).
  • ​It’s not just ​our​ food at risk.
    Grazing animals rely on bees to pollinate nutrient-dense grasses like alfalfa and clover. Bees are integral to the health of our ecosystem at large.
  • The face of our planet would change without bees.
    Somewhere around ​80% of the world’s flowering plant species​ rely on insect pollination. No more bees sadly means less plantlife and biodiversity

How Can You Support The Cause?

Although bees are on the decline, there is still time to save them... but they need ​your support! If everyone (including you) could adopt these simple yet hugely beneficial practices, the bees would be a lot better off:


- avoid pesticides​ (on your food + your lawn)

- plant organic flowers​ anywhere you can (to provide a clean food source + safe habitat).


Easy squeezy, right? And don’t forget, ​spreading the word is so important​. The bees can’t advocate for themselves, so we’re the ones who have to speak up for them.

Shop The Selection

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