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What is Rise Market?

Rise Market is an online market offering high quality, healthy and sustainable products, delivered at member-only prices. For $60 a year, members save on trusted, organic and non-GMO brands, with a particular emphasis on Canadian-sourced and innovative new brands. Rise Market promises its members guaranteed savings, along with high quality and service, the ability to shop by diet.

What is the savings guarantee?

Our Savings Guarantee is our way of ensuring you receive the full value of your annual membership. We are so confident in your annual membership saving you money that if you do not make back your annual membership fee in savings, we’ll give you the difference in the form of member credit upon renewal of your annual membership. This benefit doesn't apply to monthly memberships.

Does Rise Market have a price matching policy?

Yes! Rise Market is proud to offer a price matching policy for its members. If you see an identical product listed for less anywhere else, we will guarantee the lowest price by giving you the difference between our price and the lower price you found in the form of Rise Market credit cash.

**Price match policy only applies to everyday pricing, not sales or promotions. Other membership based retailers are excluded
**Members must send an active link to the product that they would like to price match
**Previous purchases of the identical item will be honoured (up to 14 days prior to the request)

How can I see your prices?

Our prices are only visible to our members, however non-members are able to see our full list of products and the percentage discount compared to Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). In order to support peoples desire to see our pricing, we do offer a 30 day free trial, which allows you to sign up without the membership payment being processed until 30 days later. The free trial can be cancelled at any time during this 30 day period to halt the processing of payment.

Why are prices not shown?

As we aim to offer the lowest everyday prices to our members, many of our products are listed below Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) requirements outlined by the brands we carry. This means that to be able to list the products at the prices we do, we cannot advertise these prices outside of our membership base. If we showed our pricing outside of our membership base, we would have to increase our pricing, which wouldn't align with our mission to make healthy food more accessible.


Not showing our pricing outside of our membership base does not benefit us. It limits our ability to advertise and sell on large platforms like Google and Facebook, however we are committed to offering the lowest prices possible and this is one of the key ways we are able to do so.

What makes Rise Market different?

Rise Market was born to make eating healthy accessible. Now you don't have to choose between eating “better-for-you” option or the affordable one. We believe it’s possible to have both.

How do I sign up for a Rise Market membership?

We are so excited that you are considering a membership with us! We are all about making healthy living easy and affordable. You can sign up for a Rise Membership at risemarket.ca. Enter your email address and create an account to begin shopping with us.

How does the 30-day money back guarantee work?

As we want you to fully understand the savings and benefits from a Rise Market membership, we support our community with a 30-day money back guarantee.


All new annual memberships (does not apply to a monthly membership) are granted a 30-day trial window with full flexibility to cancel for a full refund. We are certain you will love your membership, and we know the savings, brand assortment, and customer service are superior.


If you are not satisfied you can cancel within the 30-day window, no strings attached.

**One 30-day money back guarantee will be granted per address

Where are Rise Market's products sourced from?

Rise Market sources our products from various regions and we take quality very seriously. We have a special focus on Canadian sourced and innovative brands.

As a whole, we only carry products in which we are confident will support our members on their healthy living journey. Every brand on our website goes through a rigorous process where we ensure that they are aligned with our values and beliefs (such country of origin, environmental impact and quality of ingredients)

Why are some prices at other retailers lower than Rise Market?

If the full price of the product at another retailer is lower than ours, it shouldn't be. We have a price matching guarantee whereby we will match the price of any full price product at any retailer.
Sometimes the sale price of products may be lower than ours. We operate on an Everyday Low Pricing (EDLP) model, which means that we are focused on offering a consistently low price on every product we carry, throughout the year. In order to offer everyday low prices, we limit our sales throughout the year, whereas other retailers list at higher prices throughout the majority of the year but offer short-term discounts as part of their promotional efforts.

What best before dates can I expect on your products?

We guarantee no less than 45 days before their best before date on most products. Snack foods have a guaranteed date of at least 14 days. If you receive a product with dates outside of these policies, please send an email and photo to info@risemarket.ca
*Products included in the "Weekly Deals" section may be outside of these policies, with the dates noted at the top of the description


How often can I order?

A Rise Market membership allows you to order as often as you like, with no order frequency requirements or limits. You can place an order once a month, once a week, or every day if you wanted to! With an average savings of $20 per order, the more you shop, the more you save.

What is Rise Market's return policy?

Your experience is important to us so if we can make it right, we will. As an online market, we rely on shipping to service our members and due to our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we do not accept returns of any item once it ships. However, if you are unhappy with a particular item please notify us within 21 days of receiving your order via an email and we will do our best to remedy the issue on a case-by-case basis.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept a wide variety of payment methods on our site, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How much does shipping cost?

We are happy to offer free shipping on all orders over $59. If you order less than $59 worth of product, shipping will be $12.

All orders are packaged with recyclable materials. We cover the shipping once you reach $59 because those orders often contain 10 to 15 items and ensure a lower carbon footprint and less packaging waste.

Where do you ship?

We proudly service all homes across Canada. More information on our shipping policy can be found here.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Etobicoke, Ontario.

When will my order ship?

Orders are processed Monday - Friday, with the exception of holidays. Orders are typically fulfilled in 2-4 business days. Once your order has shipped, you will receive notification from us with tracking information.


What is Rise & Shine?

Rise & Shine is one of the ways we aim to make healthy living easy and affordable to everyone. For every paid annual membership, we give a free membership to a nurse, teacher, first responder, or a frontline worker in need.


But that’s just one piece of how our Rise Market community makes an impact. We provide $1 from every membership to local food banks to support those in need, and we use our resources for community education on healthy eating.

How do I qualify for a free Rise & Shine membership?

Each paid Rise Market membership provides a free one for a nurse, teacher, first responder, or a frontline worker in need.


We use verification system to verify the status of Rise & Shine applicants. With just a little bit of information, we are able to verify if applicants qualify and offer them a free membership to Rise Market. If you believe you qualify, you can apply here.


What are the requirements for brands to work with Rise Market?

Our goal at Rise Market is to work with brand partners who share our passion for healthy living and our commitment to making it easier and more affordable for more families. To make this possible, we ask a few things from all brand partners:

- Help us keep our prices truly affordable. To continue offering our value pricing to both paying and sponsored memberships, we ask our brand partners to work with us at 20-30% below listed wholesale costs.

- Provide free shipping to our Rise Market Distribution Center (Etobicoke, On) with no hidden fees. We need your shipping charges rolled into your final delivered pricing.

- We are requesting all brands offer Rise Market a reasonable minimum order quantity (MOQ) as we build demand for your products among our community and push forward with our aggressive growth strategy. As we grow, so will our orders with you.

What do we offer our brand partners in return?

Our aggressive growth strategy will bring highly desirable consumer cohorts into our closed, membership program. With the savings we pass along to our members, your brand will gain consistent order volumes with no added costs (inside shopper marketing fees, allowance fees, shipping and damage charges, etc.).

Our transparency, and marketing efforts will help manufacturers, farmers and small start-ups, and will keep prices lower for our members. That is our commitment!

Insights into our consumer profiles, frequently purchased items, and trends will help you as a brand for forecasting and innovation.

Our limited assortment provides a strong opportunity for our brand partners. We don’t need 15 different versions of an item in a specific category. Our goal is to provide the best pricing possible for organic, non-GMO, sustainably sourced goods and make them affordable and accessible to all families. We hope you do too!