Jovial Organic Grain Free Cassava Penne, 227g

Crafted in Italy by artisan pasta makers using the same family traditions for over a century, Jovial's grain free spaghetti cooks up firm and tastes delicious. Free from gluten, grains, the top 8 allergens, legumes, gums, and lectin, this is a pasta that everyone can enjoy!

Organic cassava penne is also a great choice for those who follow a lectin free, paleo, or AIP diet.

  • Grain free and paleo friendly
  • 4g of fiber per 2 oz. serving
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Cooks firm and tastes great with all types of sauces
  • Produced in a dedicated gluten free facility.

Their Story:

"With multiple food allergies and autoimmune disease in our own family, we know that choosing the right foods can heal. Achieving wellness is different for everyone, and we have great respect for those seeking to feel better and heal by choosing the right foods. Many people find relief from autoimmune disease and chronic inflammation by eating a gluten free diet, and grain free diets have also become very popular. At jovial, our mission is to respect everyone on their wellness journey by offering products that fill a void, so you can eat freely, deliciously and organically and feel good without missing out. That's why we like to think of our new cassava pasta as pasta for everybody, because it is made with just one simple ingredient."


Ingredients: Organic Cassava Flour, Water.


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